dw2pdf – 导出 pdf 插件



  1. 下载并安装插件
  2. 下载mPdf库最新版,替换掉插件自带的
  3. 修改mpdf/config.php,大致44行,将useAdobeCJK改为true: 此时导出中文正常
  4. 修改Dokuwiki主题模版,添加导出按钮
// Dokuwiki template
// Insert:   <form class="button" method="get" action="<?php wl($ID)?>">
    <div class="no">
    <button type="submit" class="button">
    <img src="<?php echo DOKU_BASE?>lib/images/fileicons/pdf.png" alt="PDF Export" />
        <input type="hidden" name="do" value="export_pdf" />
        <input type="hidden" name="rev" value="<?php global $REV; echo $REV?>" />
        <input type="hidden" name="id" value="<?php echo $ID?>" />
</form>   // in lib/tpl/dokuwiki/main.php
// after   <!-- PAGE ACTIONS -->
<div id="dokuwiki__pagetools">
    <h3 class="a11y"><?php echo $lang['page_tools']; ?></h3>
    <div class="tools">
                tpl_action('edit',      1, 'li', 0, '<span>', '</span>');
                tpl_action('revert',    1, 'li', 0, '<span>', '</span>');
                tpl_action('revisions', 1, 'li', 0, '<span>', '</span>');
                tpl_action('backlink',  1, 'li', 0, '<span>', '</span>');
                tpl_action('subscribe', 1, 'li', 0, '<span>', '</span>');
                tpl_action('top',       1, 'li', 0, '<span>', '</span>');
            ?>   // DW2pdf-Icon will be on the floating menu.


<TEXT> The following replacement patterns can be used within the header and footer files.

@PAGE@ – current page number in the PDF @PAGES@ – number of all pages in the PDF @TITLE@ – The article’s title @WIKI@ – The wiki’s title @WIKIURL@ – URL to the wiki @DATE@ – time when the PDF was created (might be in the past if cached) @BASE@ – the wiki base directory @TPLBASE@ – the PDF template base directory (use to reference images) Remark about Bookcreator: The page depended replacements are only for citation.html updated for every page. In the headers and footers the ID of the bookmanager page of the Bookcreator is applied.

@ID@ – The article’s pageID @PAGEURL@ – URL to the article @UPDATE@ – Time of the last update of the article @QRCODE@ – QR code image pointing to the original page url </TEXT>


  1. include插件兼容性

<TEXT> To work with the include plugin you have to add dw2pdf to its action_plugin_include supportedModes member variable

var $supportedModes = array('xhtml', 'metadata','dw2pdf');

Otherwise you may have problems with caching. </TEXT>

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